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Worrying during this time is normal and understandable. However, if you are finding worrying or anxious thoughts are becoming excessive, preventing you from sleeping or affecting your work, then some of these exercises might be useful to try and manage them.

  • Keep a routine- this helps us to stay occupied and gives structure to our day.
  • Notice what triggers stress/anxiety/worry and reduce these. It might be that watching the news or checking twitter isn’t helpful or needed right now!
  • Rely on credible sources for information. Lots of information is coming out all the time, not all of it true, which can add to feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you check only one or two places which you know are accurate.
  • Let others know when you are struggling- we can all support each other.
  • Be kind to yourself and focus on just doing what you can- you are doing your best and that is good enough!

Useful links

Specific anxieties about cleaning

Many of you might have already been apprehensive and worried about germs and cleaning, and so this situation would understandably be heightening your anxiety. Here are some tips if that sounds familiar to you.

OCD and Coronavirus

Keeping a Balance

Try to maintain a balance between 3 categories of activities that we need for good wellbeing:

  1. Activities that give us a sense of achievement
  2. Activities that give us pleasure
  3. Activities that help us feel connected with others.

By making sure we have one of each category, we keep a healthy balance- check in with yourself each day to see if you can add more or need adjust your own routine.

Getting Back in the Body

Sometimes, there are moments where our strong feelings can feel overwhelming and make us feel panicked.  At these times, focusing closely on our surroundings and steadying our breathing can help us to come out of this ‘fight/flight’ mode.  There are some tips on how to do this on the following poster by Carolyn Spring.


Feeling in control

When we feel powerless or out of control, this can often lead to anxiety or low mood. There are lots of things at the moment which we cannot control, but instead we can focus on the little things we can.