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It is important to recognise that feeling anxious, worried or scared is very normal and understandable during this time. There is a lot of uncertainty and change - two things that we as humans find very tricky! It is okay to acknowledge, talk about and share things we may be finding difficult, as most likely we are all feeling the same way.

Anxiety is our brain and body’s way of alerting us to threat or danger. It’s a sophisticated reaction that helps us survive, however at times it goes into ‘overdrive’ and becomes unhelpful - meaning we need to find ways to regulate ourselves and soothe all our systems that are on ‘red alert’.

Whilst the current pandemic is a very real threat and needs to be taken seriously, our anxiety can still become unhelpful and affect our wellbeing, meaning we need to find new ways to cope. Below are some ways or tips that might be helpful to manage any anxiety over the next few weeks.

Managing anxious thoughts or worries

Staying connected


SLEEP, diet and exercise