Sam Austin, Deputy CEO comments on the release of the latest Welsh Government Homelessness Figures:

“We are really concerned to see an increase in the homelessness figures in this latest Welsh Government Report. The data also highlights worrying trends in the reduction of overall homelessness prevention and significant increases to the use of, wholly unsuitable, Bed and Breakfast placement for 16-17 year olds by Social Services alongside growing numbers of Care Leavers aged 18 to 21 years old also being placed under homelessness legislation.


However, these figures, do not show the true picture of youth homelessness, as they only record the numbers of young people who have presented to local authorities. We know, that many young people often experience prolonged periods of time as hidden homeless, such as sofa surfing well before they seek help from local authorities.


The evidence is also clear, if we are to end homelessness for all we must start with preventing homelessness amongst young people. 


Last year Llamau supported over 4000 young people through its range of Early Intervention & Prevention services – all focused on early identification of risk, prevention of homelessness and building resilience in young people and their families so they can avoid any experience or threat of homelessness all together. 


As we go into yet another round of restricted funding and limited budgets, it is vital we protect funding for both early intervention and prevention services as well as supported accommodation for young people in crisis – after all, “most homeless adults of today were yesterday’s young people at at risk*""

*Quote from Professor Peter Mackie 

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Link to the Welsh Government homelessness figures