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Monmouthshire County Council have helpfully put together this rich document to help you support your children during this time, with resources about their wellbeing, learning websites and sources of support.

Wellbeing tips and resources for families

At these times, children are more likely to be online than usual, and keeping a close eye on what they are doing and seeing is really important.  There are some simple tips here.

Source: OpenView Education


Dr Liz Gregory, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Gwent Children and Family Psychology Services, has some tips about how to support teenagers through all the changes and loss of exams.

Getting through lockdown together with teenagers

She also has some tips for how to help your children with their feelings at this time.  Her ideas have been illustrated by Wellbeing Woody.

Most of all, remember, just as this can be an uncertain and worrying time for us, it may also be so for your children, as they try to understand all the changes.  Having a sense of some routine, whatever feels right for your family, is important, and make time to check in how they are understanding and feeling about what is happening around them. Further information can be found here.

helping children cope with stress

Wellbeing resources for supporting children