Our mission is to end homelessness for women, but one of the biggest causes of homelessness for women is domestic abuse. 

One in three women in Wales will experience domestic abuse and last year in south Wales, an incident of domestic abuse was reported to the police every 15 minutes.

To end homelessness for women, we must end gender-based violence and abuse. 

Our domestic abuse services support women to understand the impact of the abuse on them and their children. Too often, the impact of domestic abuse on children isn't dealt with, increasing the likelihood of those children becoming victims or perpetrators of abuse in the future. That's why we're committed to breaking the cycle of abuse. 

Our Freedom Programme helps women to understand what has happened to them and any children involved in the abuse and supports women to keep themselves safe in the future. 

Our You and Me, Mum programme works with women to understand the impact it has had on them as a parent and the impact on their children. It supports women to rebuild positive relationships with their children. 

Raising awareness of Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

New legislation in Wales aims to end Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, and we are working with young people to make sure they understand how to develop healthy, positive relationships, reducing the risk of becoming victims of perpetrators of abuse in future. 

Last year we delivered healthy relationships training sessions to over 1,500 young people and over 150 pupils took part in targeted workshops about sexting, sexual coercion and consent. 

Our ADaPT programme delivers healthy relationship education to young people who have already experienced abuse or who are at risk of experiencing abuse in future. 

Working with male victims of Domestic Abuse

We are also experienced in supporting male victims of domestic abuse, ensuring that they receive the support they need.