We believe that every young person or woman we work with should have the chance to live in a safe and secure home, be supported to live independently and have the chance to fulfil their dreams and potential. 

That’s why when they are ready, we support them to make decisions about where they want to live, to plan for their move, and give them advice and support on paying for their housing, budgeting for household bills, and becoming a good tenant.

At Llamau we want everyone to live well, and give guidance on shopping, cooking and eating healthily, as well as keeping fit and socialising to avoid isolation and mental health issues.

We all need help sometimes and we aim to equip young people and women with coping strategies if they should encounter problems with their landlord, neighbours or are simply struggling because it is their first time being responsible for their own home.

Many of the people we support already have their own tenancies, but are struggling to manage them, putting them at an increased risk of homelessness. We support people to manage their tenancy and to avoid eviction. By creating a more stable tenancy, people are then in a more positive position to make sustainable changes to their lives, reducing the likelihood of future homelessness.