A place to call home. Somewhere you feel safe. We believe that's a right, not a privilege. 

Unfortunately for thousands of young people across Wales, homelessness has become a frightening reality. Our housing projects give young people somewhere safe to call a home when they have nowhere else to turn. 

Our supported accommodation projects are small and homely, with no more than 9 young people living in any one project. Each person has their own private space, and projects have communal living spaces for young people to socialise, watch television and to have fun. 

We also provide supported lodgings for young people who we think are more likely to thrive in a family environment. The young person is provided with a room of their own in a private home where they become a member of the household. Young people are placed with carefully chosen hosts who are given guidance on how to best support the young person who is living with them. 

Each of our projects provides so much more than shelter. We make sure that each person receives a tailored package of support which enables them to develop their strengths and overcome the issues that led to them becoming homeless. This holistic support enables each individual to work towards independent living at their own pace and in a way that suits them.